An Introduction to The Art of Blogging (and How Behind I Am)

Well hello, Jack here. My first post is all about blogs, our favourite! They’re a staple of Internet culture, through which anyone can communicate what’s on their mind promptly, and with all the personality they wish to inject (you may be picking up on mine). Essentially, a blog is a self-published, engaging and often informal communication channel, typically taking the form of posts with titles and bodies of text.

But what you see here is only one form of blogging. They go beyond just information dumps. In fact, they permeate most of the Internet, even where they’re not called ‘blogs’. From congregations of links to video diaries and even photography, the entire media spectrum can be included within blogging, so long as a single identifiable person or group is behind all the updates on a blog.

But why have blogs become so prevalent today, and why am I here explaining all these things? The answer to both questions is the greater capacity and frequency of information compared to traditional media (…wonderful). Unlike websites with endlessly refined content and no space for interaction, people expect to see blogs updated frequently and to leave comments on posts. Visitors come to a blog for the experiences of the poster and each other, making blogging a very personal medium.

So to catch up on the art of blogging, I had to figure out how I’d like to convey my opinions and what my audience is. Since I’ll be rattling on about blogging in general for like-minded enthusiasts, I needed to choose a platform for that purpose.

Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr are incredibly popular microblogging platforms where you can share small anecdotes very quickly. However, I doubt trying to force relatability into my posts just to keep peoples’ attention is a good idea. As for YouTube and SoundCloud, video blogs and podcasts carry a greater barrier of entry for me and a greater required attention span from you. Also, forums are great if you want to be drowned out by other posters.

That left dedicated blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger and Medium, and nothing came close to WordPress’ flexibility, even when using’s basic features. Henceforth, you can find me at (a homage to my normal work ethic), where I’ll be posting from now on. Shout at me if you can, and I’ll see you in my future updates!

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